Tutorial (coming soon)

This tutorial will walk you through creating a wine-tasting API with Flask-Jeroboam. We will focus on the specifics of Flask-Jeroboam, and will only touch on the general aspects of Flask as they are already excellent resources on the matter. If you’re new to the latter, we can only recommend that you go over the Flask Tutorial, which is excellent and will put you on the right track. You will be in a much better place to appreciate what Flask-Jeroboam actually brings to the table and decide wether it’s for you or not.

(coming soon)


Other Ressources

  • Michael Grinberg’s Mega Tutorial is a must read. It’s a great introduction to Flask and covers a lot of ground.

  • FastAPI Documentation is in my opinion a gold standard. It’s very well written, and thorough and the examples are easy to follow. You should definitely check it out. It holds value even if you’re not going to use FastAPI.