Contributor Guide

I appreciate your interest in improving this project. This project is open-source under the MIT license and welcomes contributions in the form of bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests. Currently, our focus is on improving documentation and hunting for bugs.

We intend to use the Issue Tracker to coordinate the community and provide templates for bug reports, feature requests, documentation updates, and implementation improvements. So be sure to use the appropriate template with further instructions on writing any.


Here is a list of important resources for contributors:

How to set up your development environment

You need Python 3.8+ and the following tools:

Install the package with development requirements:

$ poetry install

You can now run an interactive Python session, or the command-line interface:

$ poetry run python
$ poetry run flask-jeroboam

How to test the project

Run the full test suite:

$ nox

List the available Nox sessions:

$ nox --list-sessions

You can also run a specific Nox session. For example, invoke the unit test suite like this:

$ nox --session=tests

Unit tests are located in the tests directory, and are written using the pytest testing framework.

How to submit changes

Open a pull request to submit changes to this project.

Your pull request needs to meet the following guidelines for acceptance:

  • The Nox test suite must pass without errors and warnings.

  • Include unit tests. This project maintains 100% code coverage.

  • If your changes add functionality, update the documentation accordingly.

Feel free to submit early, though—we can always iterate on this.

To run linting and code formatting checks before committing your change, you can install pre-commit as a Git hook by running the following command:

$ nox --session=pre-commit -- install

It is recommended to open an issue before starting work on anything. This will allow a chance to talk it over with the owners and validate your approach.