beta releases

The beta releases mark a turning point and the intention to outgrow Flask-Jeroboam’s initial internal use. The 0.1.0 version is primarily based on forking FastAPI and departs from the first naive implementation of alpha releases.

Version 0.1.0.beta2

Released March, 9th 2023

  • Writing Documentation

  • Fixing bugs

  • Breaking Change: Fixing the embed mechnism for request bodies

Version 0.1.0.beta

Released February, 22nd 2023

  • Support for explicit location of inbound arguments with special functions

  • Support for validation options on explicit inbound arguments

  • Response Serialization mechanism is improved

  • OpenAPI Documentation Auto-generation

  • You can add Tags to endpoints and blueprints

  • Extensive Refactoring of the codebase

alpha releases

The alpha releases share a minimalist implementation of a tiny portion of the targetted features set. They are a packaged version of helper functions that I used to level up one particular flask project and are largely overfitted to this specific context.

Version 0.0.3.alpha

Released January, 16th 2023

  • Improved request parsing

  • Introducing Model Utils (Parsers and Serializers)

  • Improvement of type hinting

Version 0.0.2.alpha

Released January, 9th 2023

  • Upgrade Dependencies

Version 0.0.1.alpha

Released August, 16th 2022

  • First public version

  • Basic request parsing-validation-injection using type hints of view function arguments

  • Basic response serialization using response_model on route decorators